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Staying abroad is not a basis for obtaining the right to duty-free imports by itself. The certificate refers only to the import of household goods in the Republic of Serbia. The certificate DOES NOT apply on motor vehicles.

Documentation required for the issuance of a customs certificate: a valid Serbian passport, a certificate from the authority of a foreign state that keeps evidence about working period, proof of permanent return (residence deregistration).


Customs certificate / Zollbestätigung / Certificat de douane

Diplomatic missions and consular posts issue a certificate necessary for the import of household goods without payment of customs duties.

Our citizens, who have worked continuously for at least 2 years and maximum 10 years in Switzerland, are entitled to this certificate. They are exempt from paying import duties on household items imported from Switzerland within one year from the date of their final return, amounting to a total of 20.000 Euros. Serbian citizens who have worked in Switzerland continuously 10 years (or more) are exempt from import duties on household items imported from Switzerland within one year from the date of their final return without any restrictions in value.


Traveling with pets / Reisen mit Haustieren / Voyager avec des animaux

In order to cross the border with dogs, cats etc, the following conditions must be met:
1. pets must be permanently marked in the prescribed manner;
2. pets must have a passport issued by an authorized veterinarian of a particular country, which confirms:
• That the pet has been vaccinated or re-vaccinated against rabies by a registered inactivated vaccine containing at least one antigen per unit dose (WHO standard) and which has been produced in accordance with the instructions of the vaccine manufacturer, in the case of a pet more than three months old;
• that 21 days have passed from the day of vaccination, in case of first vaccination against rabies;
• that the pet has stayed in the same place since birth and was not in contact with wildlife that may have expose it to the infection or that the pet is moving with the mother which it is still dependent of, in the case of pets who are younger than three months and not vaccinated.


Medicaments for personal use / Medikamente für persönlichen Gebrauch /

Médicaments à usage personnel

The person who enters or exits the Republic of Serbia can carry with him only that quantity of medicaments necessary for personal use or for use for the animal pet that travels with him. This amount shall not exceed six months' need during the calendar year, depending on the nature and length of the disease.

Upon entry or exit from the Republic of Serbia, a person is obliged to show to the customs authority the approval of the competent ministry for the bringing in or taking out the medical products for personal use. Approval by the competent ministry is based on the opinion of the chosen doctor. The above mentioned does not apply if a person crosses the Serbian border with a medicaments for personal use in an amount that does not exceed the quantity needed for 15 days of personal usage. Special conditions apply to the transmission of medicinal products containing psychoactive substances.


Weapons and ammunition / Waffen und Munition / Importation d'armes et de munitions

The transfer of weapons across the border is not allowed. Bringing weapons out of Serbia is possible only with the permit of the Ministry of trade, tourism and telecommunications of the Republic of Serbia. Temporary import of weapons and ammunition in Serbia is allowed if you bring it for organized hunting, by the Hunting Association of Serbia or other authorized organization. Temporary import of weapons is also allowed in order to participate in the sports event. In that case, for more information and obtaining the appropriate confirmations / evidence, it is necessary to contact the organizers of the event.

Import of motor vehicles - detailed information can be found on the website of the Customs Administration of the Republic of Serbia:

Customs allowances for the import of vehicles for persons with disabilities:

Importing and exporting different goods:

Transfer of physically transferable funds:


More information about customs procedures can be found HERE.

For further information, please contact Consular Section of the Embassy.

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