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Notification of marriage / Eheanmeldung / L'enregistrement du mariage

Citizens of the Republic of Serbia who contracted marriage in Switzerland, are obliged to report that fact without delay to the nearest diplomatic mission of the Republic of Serbia in order to register their marriage in their civil registry book kept in Serbia. A marriage contracted abroad is notified on the basis of the excerpt from the marriage register using an international form. The application is submitted to the Embassy of the Republic of Serbia in Bern if you are living in our consular area (cantons that we are competent for). The Embassy will immediately upon receipt forward the application to the competent authority in the Republic of Serbia.

Documentation required for marriage registration:
1. Marriage registration form (received in the Embassy);
2. Original marriage certificate in an international form (not older than six months) obtained at the civil resitry office in Switzerland (Zivilstandsamt) where the marriage was contracted. In German language this form is called „Auszug aus dem Eheregister“, in French „Extrait de l'acte de mariage“, in Italian „Estratto dell'atto di matrimonio“;
3. Translation of a marriage certificate by a certified court interpreter for the Serbian language;
4. Passport of both spouses – husband and wife (even if the other one is a foreigner);
5. Paid consular fee (only cards accepted!).

Please note:
Request for a new passport, with the changed (married) name of a person after marriage, can be submitted in the Embassy just after the name in the civil registry books in Serbia has been changed upon notification of marriage, and not before or in the same time. This means that you first have to notify your marriage to the Embassy in order for it to be registered in Serbia, and after your name has been changed in Serbia, you can only than submit the request for the passport on a new name.

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