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Wir möchten die Bürger darüber informieren, dass ab dem 01.04.2021 die Zahlung für alle konsularischen Dienste in der Botschaft ausschließlich mit EC-Karten erfolgt.


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Wir möchten Sie darauf hinweisen, dass für die Beantragung eines biometrischen Reisepasses in der Botschaft der Republik Serbien in Bern, eine vorherige Terminvereinbarung erforderlich ist. Die Terminvereinbarung erfolgt an jedem Werktag, von Montag bis Freitag (ausser an Feiertagen), in der Zeit von 09-16 Uhr unter der Telefon-Nr. + 41 (0)31 352 6353.



Veuillez noter que, vous devez prendre rendez-vous afin de demander un nouveau passeport biométrique de la République de Serbie. Les rendez-vous peuvent être pris chaque jour ouvrable du lundi au vendredi (sauf les jours fériés) de 09 à 16 heures, au numéro de téléphone suivant + 41 (0)31 352 6353.



Please be advised that, you are required to make an appointment in order to apply for a new biometric passport of the Republic of Serbia. Appointments can be booked each working day, from Monday to Friday (except on holidays) from 09-16 h, on the following telephone number: + 41 (0)31 352 6353.



Die Botschaft der Republik Serbien bleibt am
07, 10, 14. und 17. April 2023 sowie am 01. und 02. Mai 2023
aufgrund der Feiertage geschlossen.


À l’occasion de Pâques,
l’Ambassade de la République de Serbie sera fermée
07, 10, 14. et 17. avril 2023 et 01. et 02. Mai 2023

Ambassador Bradić with the President of the "economiesuisse" association on strengthening economic cooperation, 14.03.2023.

The Ambassador of Serbia to Switzerland, Goran Bradić, and the President of the association "economiesuisse", Christoph Mäder, which gathers around 100,000 Swiss companies and employs close to two million people, discussed the possibilities for further improvement of economic cooperation - especially in the field of biotechnology, the field of information and communication technologies, energy transition and ecology.

Last year, the exchange of goods between Serbia and Switzerland increased by more than 30% compared to 2021, reaching the amount of 802 million CHF, while an even better balance was achieved in the field of exchange of services, the value of which was almost 1.2 billion CHF. Both sides expressed satisfaction with the fact that the tendency of constant growth in the scope of economic cooperation in the last four years has continued, especially in the field of services, despite the difficult challenges and problems caused by the Coronavirus pandemic and the conflict in Ukraine.

Ambassador Bradić and First Secretary Bojan Stojanović presented some of the projects that are planned in Serbia or whose implementation has already been started - such as the Bio4 campus in Belgrade, the further construction of railway and road infrastructure, projects in the field of the energy transition, as well as renewable energy sources. Alexander Keberle, a member of the Executive Board of the "economiesuisse", who is the Head of the sector for ecology, energy, and infrastructure, as well as the Head of the department for Serbia, Catia Capaul, took part in the conversation.

Working lunch at the residence of the Ambassador of the Republic of Austria in Bern, 14.03.2023.

The working lunch at the residence of the Austrian colleague Maria Rotheiser-Scotti with the ambassadors of a dozen countries and the State Secretary at the Secretariat for Migration of Switzerland (SEM), Christine Schraner Burgener was an extraordinary opportunity to exchange opinions and information on the issues of illegal migrations in Europe, further opportunities for cooperation, solving the problems of asylum seekers, and experiences in their integration.

(In the picture: State Secretary at the SEM, ambassadors of Austria, Germany, Spain, Italy, Poland, Slovakia, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, head of the EU Mission, Charge d'Affairs of Sweden)

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