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Child’s birth notification / Kindesanmeldung / L'enregistrement des enfants

Birth notification can be submitted to the Embassy of the Republic of Serbia in Bern for children born in Switzerland, in cantones for which the Embassy is competent for, in order for them to receive serbian citizenship and, consequently, serbian passport. The application must be submitted by one of the parents who, at the time of the child's birth, is a citizen of the Republic of Serbia and has a valid document of the Republic of Serbia (passport or ID card). Upon receipt of the request, the diplomatic mission of the Republic of Serbia sends it, without delay, to the competent authority in the Republic of Serbia for the registration of the child in the civil registry books.

Documentation required for birth registration:
1. Child’s birth registration application (received in the Embassy);
2. Original Swiss birth certificate in an international form (not older than six months) which is obtained in civil registry office in Switzerland (Zivilstandsamt). In German language this form is called “Auszug aus dem Geburtsregister”, in French “Extrait de l'acte de naissance”, in Italian “Estratto dell'atto di nascita”;
3. Translation of a child’s birth certificate by a certified court interpreter for the Serbian language;
4. Passport and residence permit for both parents;
5. Paid consular fee (only cards accepted!).

If a marriage in Switzerland is not reported to Serbia prior to child’s birth notification, it is necessary to notify (register) marriage together with the birth notification/registration (please see the “Notification of marriage” section that follows).

Please note:
The birth registration is a precondition for the child to obtain the citizenship of the Republic of Serbia. When registering a birth, at least one parent who has a valid passport or ID card of the Republic of Serbia must be present. There is no need for the other parent to be present (if they both possess Serbian passports) and there is no need for child to be present. However, the parents' passports must be brought, even if the other parent is a foreigner.

Birth registration should be followed by address registration in Serbia (in the competent police station), after which child will be generated JMBG (unique personal number). This can only be done by child’s parents, when they go to Serbia for the first time. However, a passport request can be submitted for a child even if the address is not yet registered and the child does not have a JMBG written in the birth certificate.

There is no possibility for birth registration before the marriage has been registered (except for the children born out of wedlock). If you plan to notify child’s birth and you are not married, but the child was recognized by the father and the name of the father has been registered in the birth certificate of the newborn child, it is necessary to enclose a certified copy of the Paternity recognition certificate (in German language: Vaterschaftsanerkennung) with the "Apostille" and translation by an authorized court interpreter. If the father is not registered in the child’s birth certificate (“father field” is left unfiled) than Paternity recognition certificate is not required.

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